What we do

Trade marks (words, images, shapes and colours) are to products what faces are to people. They embody the personality of the product and the company behind it. They are the link between business and consumer.

Trade marks are the essential means with which businesses compete. They are key assets for all businesses. Trademark law protects those assets.

We help businesses with carefully devised, effective legal measures against infringement of their marks through imitation or “me-too” marketing by competitors.

The KLOS c.s. team boasts an unrivalled depth of experience in trade mark matters. We represent our clients in proceedings before national as well as international courts and institutions, including the European trade mark authority EUIPO, the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property and, frequently, the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The clear focus of our trade mark practice is on litigation in trade mark infringement cases. Our extensive experience and expertise in infringement matters in addition thereto provides the solid basis for strategic advice regarding the development and maintenance of our clients’ portfolios of trade mark rights. We file and prosecute Benelux, European Union and international trade mark applications for our clients and supply all related services, such as availability searches and analysis, monitoring services as well as litigating oppositions and refusals.