Allard Ringnalda

Attorney at law
+31 6 46 237 491


Allard was educated at the University of Utrecht from which he graduated cum laude in 2010 specializing in intellectual property law and criminal law.

Allard’s practice encompasses a broad range of IP matters. He counsels and represents his clients in litigation and non-contentious matters regarding the international and national protection of trade marks, product design, copyright in on- and offline content, know-how and technology.

A focal point within Allard’s practice is the protection and exploitation of copyrighted content in the online environment. In the course of his work as an attorney as well as his academic work Allard has gained a deep understanding of all relevant legal aspects of the digital online environment, particularly the application of copyright law, privacy law, database law and e-commerce law.

A special niche within Allard’s practice is the combatting of the trade in counterfeit goods and other forms of piracy. In addition to Allard’s experience in the field of the enforcement of IP rights through the civil courts and through customs regulations, Allard’s detailed knowledge regarding the intersection of criminal law and intellectual property law contributes to effective and efficient solutions in this area.

Allard worked as a researcher at the Center for Intellectual Property Law (CIER), as a member of the editorial board of the authoritative law review Ars Aequi, and as a PhD fellow at the department of legal theory of the University of Utrecht.

Allard is the author of numerous scholarly publications in the field of copyright law and database protection and was awarded a PhD in 2015 for his thesis on the role of legal culture and tradition in legal development and reform. Allard is an accomplished and experienced lecturer and public speaker who is much in demand at various national and international conferences in his fields.